Apponaug Circulator Project changes up driving routines

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Traffic routines changed at the beginning of the week for drivers headed through the Apponaug Circulator.

The DOT stated that the Apponaug Circular Project will improve safety in the long run.

Three large changes took over the construction zone this week:

  • Veteran’s Memorial Drive Extension is a new one-way street for westbound traffic
  • Route 117 at Apponaug Four Corners will be changed to a one-way street, westbound traffic is not permitted
  • A section of Greenwich Avenue will now be open to northbound traffic

Drivers have mixed reviews of having to navigate through the orange cones that amount to a $71 million construction project.

“I’m hoping this wasn’t a waste a money.”

Don Houseman of Warwick isn’t pleased with the changes. “It just makes no sense at all. The lanes between Cafe Tiempo and Burger King are too narrow and people can’t seem to be able to keep their cars in the lanes. I’m hoping that’s temporary,” he said.

Tess Russo works at the Cafe Tiempo Coffee House that Houseman referenced. “I don’t mind the Apponaug project too much,” she said. “I think it will be a good thing once it’s all over. It will be nice not to have to stop at the traffic light and it’ll be a better flow.”

The DOT expects the entire project to be done by Fall of 2017.

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