Dave’s Marketplace Announces New Cranston Supermarket

CRANSTON, RI — Residents in the Auburn, Eden Park, Pontiac and Rolfe Square neighborhoods missing the convenience of a local supermarket have some good news: Dave’s Marketplace is coming to 550 Pontiac Ave.

The former location of a Seabra Foods, which shut down last year, will soon be home to Dave’s 10th Rhode Island location with a planned opening date in the spring of 2017.

The company announced the new store on Monday. General Manager Bill Hogan said, “we are happy to be able to expand into the vibrant neighborhoods of Cranston,” and the new store will feature “the signature Dave’s quality and fresh prepared foods.”

The company has worked on the plan for months and closely with the city’s economic development and mayoral offices. The new store is outlined to reflect a neighborhood “steeped in Cranston culture,” the company said.

“Neighborhood markets are the cornerstone of communities,” Hogan said. “Dave’s has had slow and steady growth — starting in 1969 with a small fruit shack to today, developing our 10th location — we are thankful for the strong, loyal customer base that continues to inspire us to find the freshest produce, meats and fish.”

Construction will begin later this month.

Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung said in a statement that the new store will continue to revitalize the area and is a reflection of Cranston’s vitality.

“Their selection of our city is a testament to the positive things that are happening, from our expanding commercial base to continued job growth to our increased bond rating. Their presence continues to ensure that Cranston is one of the best cities to live in America,” Fung said.

The existing building has a 28,790-square-foot floor area and was built in 1959. The closure of the Seabra market forced nearby residents to drive a bit farther to shop. While it made things less convenient for many residents, there are many elderly Cranstonians living in close proximity to the site — an area known for tidy lawns and modest homes in what historically has been a working class swath of Cranston for decades.

“We look forward to meeting new friends, and becoming part of Cranston’s story,” Hogan said.

Source – http://patch.com/rhode-island/cranston/daves-marketplace-announces-new-cranston-supermarket


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