Fall River announces new marketing campaign

Standing in front of a logo that’s likely to be replaced, Fall River’s mayor announced a new marketing team Monday.

The team will be tasked with re-shaping the city’s image, which some say isn’t the best.

“The thing that we’re battling is we’re not telling our story,” Mayor Jasiel Correia said. “So, that’s how we are going to change perception.”

The city has hired firms from Pawtucket and Lincoln to sell future residents, businesses, and tourists on the Massachusetts city, highlighting the waterfront, low rent, as well as accessibility to Providence and Boston.

“For 30 years, other people have told us what we are or what we’re not. And that’s not fair. And that’s not right,” Correia said. “There are so many critical things happening in Fall River that are game-changing for the region.”

The campaign will kick-off with an event in June. New color schemes, logos, and social media accounts will follow.

The city’s historical, but frequently mocked motto of “We’ll Try, “is likely out the door, too.

“Times change, right?” Correia said. “And we’re not just trying any more. We want to be exceeding expectations.”

The city hasn’t set an annual budget for this marketing campaign, as they’re in the beginning stages. But so far they’ve spent $100,000.

Source – http://turnto10.com/news/local/fall-river-announces-new-marketing-campaign


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