Wind knocks down trees across Southern NE

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Crews were called to Nichols Street in Cranston Monday for a report of a large tree down.

Eyewitness News received similar reports of trees down across the area – as Tropical Storm Hermine made her way to Southern New England.

In Cranston, the tree knocked out power to dozens of people. Tree crews equipped with wood chippers were on the scene trying to clean up the street. The tree fell, snapping a utility line and bending a few others. National Grid was on the scene waiting to install a new pole.

“We’ve had worse winds where nothing has ever happened, but you know the wind catches it at the right time. That’s its time to go,” said Dennis Christofaro.

Christofaro said he was in his backyard when the tree fell.

“All of a sudden I heard a crack and it sounded like lightning,” he explained. “I couldn’t even imagine what it was. I ran out front to see the tree on the ground and naturally it happened in seconds.”

According to officials, the power on the block could possibly be out for hours. Neighbors said they’re firing up their generators in anticipation for the long power outage.

Other incidents

Strong winds pushed a tree down across Bridal Avenue in West Warwick – pulling down power lines in all directions.

“It was just an explosion,” said Erica Samos. “And a flash of blue light. The kids went running and it just went out. Everything went black.”

In Pawtucket, branches came down near Charlton Avenue.

Back in Cranston, Calaman Road was partially blocked by a tree that ripped up the sidewalk. On Holland Street, a branch hooked itself on a powerline – starting a small fire and leaving an entire apartment complex in the dark.

“I’ll probably just wait it out,” said Diego Perez of Cranston. “If not, probably go to a friend or family’s to stay the night if we don’t get any power back.”

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