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Hermine is now considered a “Post-Tropical Storm”….it’s possible that it could strengthen back into a tropical system, but it’s doubtful.  Nonetheless…this is still a dangerous storm with the biggest impact around here on the ocean and areas south of Providence.

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for portions of our area…areas in yellow….tropical storm winds possible.  Orange areas out over the water are under a tropical storm warning….tropical storm conditions expected.

Tropical Storm

The center of circulation is clearly visible southeast of Norfolk as the thunderstorms have been carried away from the center of circulation.

WPRI Tropical

Hermine is still packing quite a punch with winds of 70mph, and it’s moving east at 10mph…its forward speed for the next few days will likely remain slow.


Hermine is expected to remain non-tropical, but still a dangerous storm as it works its way northeastward.


It will approach the region Sunday night and Monday morning, then may make a turn to the west.  In fact, the system may do a loop before it begins to move out to sea.

Here are some key take-a ways:

  • Dangerous surf:  Pounding waves of 8-12 feet will create dangerous rip currents.  People should stay off rocks/jetties and out of the water.
  • Minor Coastal flooding:  at the times of high tide…Sunday night, late Monday morning.
  • Beach erosion possible especially Westerly to Point Judith.
  • Tropical storm force winds:  Gusts to 50mph are possible south of Providence Sunday night and into early Monday…winds may ease the second half of the day on Monday.  Winds to 73mph are possible over the open waters south of Block Island.
  • Rain:  Not a big rain maker, but some heavy showers are possible Sunday night and through Labor Day.

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