Only on 10: Westerly woman accused of violating probation after killing man in crash

A Westerly woman who went to prison for a deadly crash in 2010 is in trouble again.

Laura Reale, 33, is due in court Thursday, as she has been accused of violating terms of her probation.

A report from her probation officer states Reale recently admitted to using drugs since February and buying a urine screen for her drug test.

In May 2010, Reale ran a red light in Charlestown, hitting and killing 27-year-old Colin Foote, who was riding his motorcycle.

Reale had 19 driving violations and a history of drug issues at the time she hit Foote.

She apologized in court and was sentenced to eight years in prison, but she got out last year after five.

“It’s déjà vu,” Robin Foote, Colin’s father, told NBC 10 News.

Robin and his wife, Maryann, plan to be in court Thursday, when Reale is scheduled to go back in front of a judge, a little more than a year after she was released from prison.

“Apparently, she’s not learned any lesson,” Robin said. “She exhibits no remorse, no signs of understanding the things she’s done wrong (and) the harm she’s caused. It’s just beyond belief.”

Maryann shared similar sentiments.

“It’s really devastating,” she said. “It brings everything right back. And we just feel we have to do all we can to prevent what happened to our son to happen again to anybody.”

Reale is on probation for four more years and she had her license taken away for five years.

NBC 10 sought comment from Reale at her last known address in Westerly, but an angry family member told crews to leave.

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