Adopt-a-Family, Making the Holidays Brighter


Ah the holidays…a time for friends, family, and of course gifts! With Christmas right around the corner, many Americans have already finished their holiday shopping for their friends and love ones. However, what if you knew of a family who did not have Santa’s gifts under the Christmas tree? What if you if you knew a family who’s Christmas day consisted of survival and hunger?

For many Americans, this situation is hard to comprehend. But like it or not, this is reality. There are some families out there who do not have the means or recourses to give their kids the Christmas we all know and love. But that does not mean that you cannot help.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

If you are looking to bring the Christmas cheer for the holidays, take a look at Adopt-a-Family. Adopt-a-Family is one of the many social service agencies that offer individuals to donate money and gifts to families in need. While year-round, this organization is very popular during the winter holiday season.

So how does it work?

The nonprofit organization, Adopt-a-Family provides general information about the family members’ gender, age, size, and needs and wishes on a tag, similar to those found on holiday presents. These tags are decoratively placed on a Christmas tree for individuals, families, teams, or businesses to take. After taking a tag, the individual or team is responsible to get the various gifts listed on the tag’s wish list. While you are only required to provide one gift, many people usually complete the wish list to truly give that holiday cheer for that family and their children.


For years, Jay Gotra has committed himself to bring happiness to others during the holiday season with Adopt-a-Family. He believes that this organization truly embodies the selflessness and generosity that every person should personify. For Jay, he states that, “if you knew the true power of giving, you would not let this type of opportunity pass.” Because of that, Jay has created a strong and viable partnership with his company, Alliance Securityand the nonprofit organization Adopt-a-Family where every year, they try to give many families the Christmas they deserve.

“We’re simply trying to do good and assist families who are in need of a little extra help,” states Jay Gotra. “It’s truly a humbling experience that strengthens us as a team, keeps us grounded, and reinforces that special sense of family at Alliance.”

If you are looking to provide that same holiday and heartwarming cheer, click here to learn more about Adopt-a-Family and what you can do for the holiday season.

Know more, click here –


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