Warning issued after sex offender who killed cat released from ACI

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management issued an advisory to licensed animal-care facilities after a man with a history of animal abuse was released from prison.

DEM reported that 25-year old Anthony Stravato, who hails from East Providence, was released from the ACI on Friday.

“Stravato is prohibited from owning or being in contact with animals per court order,” DEM noted in a press release.

According to Rhode Island Judiciary court records, Stravato was sentenced in 2015 for mutilating his mother’s cat, killing a rat, as well as disseminating indecent materials to a minor. The Rhode Island Parole Board & Sex Offender registry lists Stravato as a registered sex offender.

DEM warned that Stravato or his girlfriend, Alyssa Lamountain, 20, may attempt to adopt or purchase animals from animal facilities.

“Authorities are concerned that Stravato will continue this behavior, possibly seeking to harm larger animals,” DEM said.

Stravato has been convicted of multiple crimes, including felony assault, disorderly conduct, attempted breaking and entering, trespassing, vandalism, and cyberstalking.

Under the name “Anthony Homiecidez Stravato,” he wrote on Facebook about a year ago that he enjoys killing animals.

“9 animal souls possessed all together i will keep increasing n make art out of it all x3,” one post read, while another noted, “let me ask you ppl something do you think its wrong that i kill animals but less worse than how ppl kill cows n pigs for meat so does it make tha world any better than i am?”

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