Stephen Procter Sanctuaries and Destinations: Clay Vessels in the Garden

Blithewold welcomes the bold lines and generous volumes of Stephen Procter’s handmade ceramic vessels. Procter will be creating almost 20 vessels for Blithewold, which will stand harmoniously in the gardens throughout the estate. Procter explained his vision for the pieces during a visit with Blithewold staff at his studio on February 15. “As I’m making these pieces and thinking about them I’m tuning into my experiences of being at Blithewold,” Procter said, “rather than being inspired by classical vase forms, I am melding that with more organic forms inspired by hives and cocoons and seedpods, and I am imagining these works in that natural environment.”

Procter elaborated further on his creative process by explaining that while most of his pieces are oneoff types, he is looking forward to experiment with duplicate pieces in preparation for the Blithewold showing. While very familiar with creating large pieces to be fired in his five-foot tall kiln, Procter is also excited to push boundaries in terms of vessel size. Procter’s vessels marry ancient traditions with an elegant contemporary sensibility. The large scale of the pieces lends a sense of presence and spirit that makes them a powerful focal point in the garden.

Stephen Procter’s vessels can be seen throughout the grounds at Blithewold. To learn more about Procter, visit

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